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August Pohl Auto Parts was founded in 1921 by August Pohl, and was originally called August Pohl Auto Wreckers. The original location is still in operation today off of Territorial Road in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Since then, things have changed and the business has grown. In 1973 the first warehouse addition was added to the original location and then a second expansion in 1976 totaling 8600 square feet on inside storage and dismantling bays. It was then in 1976 that August Pohl Auto Wreckers became a full service pre-dismantling salvage operation.
After operating as a one location salvage yard for 62 years, the current ownership, opened a second location in 1983 off of M-139 in Benton Harbor, Michigan named August Pohl Auto Parts. The second location was 9 acres and had 12,000 square feet of warehouse, and was attached to a transmission shop. The business continued to grow and in 2003 the business moved its operation just down the street on M-139 to a larger building attached to the same yard. Now the 2nd location is still off of M-139 in Benton Harbor but in a 17,000 square foot building. As the business continued to grow a 36,000 square foot building was purchased for offsite storage in 2011.
As of today, August Pohl employs 19 people, operates 2 different facilities with 14 acres of property and over 65,000 square feet of inside storage space. We still operate as a full service pre-dismantling used auto parts business, which means, we dismantle the vehicle before putting the parts up for sale. If we say we have it, then we do. We also constantly monitor our inventory to make sure it is accurately described and identified correctly. The Territorial location continues to operate and primarily dismantles, stores, and sells older vehicles manufactured between the years of 1997 and 2003. The M-139 facility focuses primarily on the later model salvage (2004-2013) and specializes in harder to acquire salvage such as Audi Q7’s, BMW X5’s, Ford F350’s, Mercedes Benz S550’s, etc. We inventory everything from the grille to the tail lights and everything in between. Please look online at our inventory or pickup the phone and call us.